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Jacobson Style, Named for Cliff Jacobson's design

Similar to Cliff's design featured in his book "Canoeing Wild Rivers"

Three piece construction

Large expandable center section uses rows of shock cord for expansion and water run off

Generous overlap of front, middle and back sections with plenty of 2" wide Velcro for tight closure

Excellent choice for large loads where access is important


Dan's Style Canoe Cover

Same as Jacobson style with the exception of tucks in the ends of the center sections where the Velcro overlaps; creating a more fitted and water tight closure

This modification does not allow for as much expansion to accommodate gear but does create a more water resistant closure

O'Hara Style Canoe Cover named for Robert O'Hara

Three piece construction

Center section opens like a stuff sack, allowing for greater access to gear while paddling

Buckles secure the sides of the stuff sack from side to side and end to end

This opening can secure a duffer instead of gear

Excellent choice for extended trips where gear is above the gunwales


All 3 piece Tandem Canoe Covers

Removable map case


Paddle pocket/retaining straps
per pocket/strap

$30 per
Zip in/out cockpit

Modified Rivet Tool

CCS snap installation (at factory)
Canoe Skirt Pattern
($50 credit towards purchase of cover)
$50 + shipping

All other custom items quoted on an individual basis

Available in red, yellow, blue, green, tan, and burgundy

Complete with intallation instructions, stuff sack, snaps, rivets, and backup washers



-Cut and sewn to fit your canoe

-Made from 400 Denier urethane coated nylon packcloth
-Reefing tiles on cockpit opening
-Aluminum rivets and back-up washers -Two piece construction, split behind the seat
-Bow section rolls forward for an open seat area
-Bow and Stern Sections connect to middle section with 2" Velcro
-Additional snaps on the back section allow you to move the cover back and have more space for gear under the cover
-Complete with intallation instructions, stuff sack, snaps, rivets, and backup washers

-The average tandem cover weighs 4 pounds.
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